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Nightguards For Bruxism

Prevent damage. Teeth grinding can damage all your teeth at a slow but gradual pace. Grinding can cause your teeth to chip, crack, or simply wear down. This translates into your dentin or nerves could become exposed. This can lead to feelings of sensitivity when you eat or drink. If this type of damage continues, you could end up with gum recession and even loose teeth. It can also damage any restorations you may have . If you use a night guard, your upper and lower teeth will be unable to grind against each other and the potential damage will be avoided.

Ease discomfort

Nighttime teeth grinding can cause severe headaches and tooth pain in the morning. If you are regularly waking up in pain or feeling uncomfortable, this can be a sign that you need to wear a guard while sleeping.Night time clenching prevents you from getting a sound sleep and make you lethargic during day time. we have found that many of our patients feel significantly better after wearing their guard for just a few days. The key is to continue wearing it every night. While some grinding is caused by stress or tension, there is no way to tell exactly what causes people to grind their teeth or to stop the body from attempting it. This is why continued use of the guard is necessary.

Treating TMJ

Severe grinding or jaw clenching can lead to TMJ disorder. This can be incredibly uncomfortable, typically starting out as a sore jaw in the morning with the occasional headache. If you experience these symptoms or have face pain, neck pain, or your jaw hurts while eating, call 210 - 654 - 8455 / 210 - 523 - 9696 to schedule an appointment with our SA Family dentsit office right away. Dr. Patel and Dr. Mehta will help manuever your joint in place at no additional cost should a need arise.