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Is replacing missing teeth really important?

Dental Emergencies

On more occasions than one we feel that we do not need all our teeth and can function well if we are missing some teeth. It is important to know that every single tooth counts. Teeth can be lost for several reasons however not replacing the teeth can lead to negative effects to your other teeth, gums, jawbones, appearance, and self-esteem.

The following are only some of the consequences of missing teeth:

  • Shifting teeth: When a tooth is lost, neighboring teeth tend to drift and move out of alignment into the space created by the lost tooth. This can lead to crowding of teeth and a misaligned bite.
  • Tooth decay and/or gum disease: Teeth that are in correct alignment are easy to keep clean but once the teeth have shifted due to the missing teeth it can be harder to brush and floss properly. This leads to buildup of bacteria and plaque which can result in periodontal disease and the loss of your remaining teeth.
  • Jaw Pain: Missing teeth cause misalignment of bite and alter how your teeth and jaws come together. This type of bite is detrimental and puts strain on your jaw joint (TMJ) and can contribute to the development of TMJ disorder which can hamper day to day functions.
  • Sunken face and appearance: The bone around the tooth starts to resorb once the tooth is lost as there is no stimulation for the bone. A dental implant replaces the root of a tooth or several teeth and provides stimulation to prevent bone loss. If the root is not replaced, continued deterioration of the jawbone occurs which can alter of the shape and appearance of your face and can make you look older and your cheeks sunken.

At SA Family Dentist you will be educated as to the importance of replacing missing teeth and the several options to do so. We have your best interests in mind and depending on how many teeth are missing and where they are located, we may suggest an implant, fixed bridge, or a removable prosthesis.

We will never make you feel embarrassed about your teeth and will help restore your wonderful smile at SA Family Dentist.

Please feel free to call us with any questions at (210) 654-8109.

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