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How does a crown help? Is a crown necessary?

Dental Emergencies

Crowns are routinely recommended in dentistry and are the perfect solution to several dental problems and they can extend the life of your teeth. Crowns can be perceived as an expensive treatment option and it is only fair that you would like to know more about this treatment option and its benefits.

Most of the times crowns are recommended when your dentist observes a fracture on your tooth. This is a serious condition as teeth fractures cannot not heal on their own, in fact they keep getting worse with time. If not treated in a timely manner you could lose the tooth entirely. Crowns can prevent this and thus help prevent the need for more extensive treatment in the future. Feel free to ask your dentist any concerns you may, and he will be happy to explain this treatment option to you.

As a patient you may decide to opt for a filling instead of a crown and that certainly is an option. However, a filling takes support from the tooth instead of supporting the tooth and will not give you protection like a crown will. In most instances you will end up needing a crown in the future as the filling will not be able to sustain for a long period of time. Large fillings over a period break down and at times cause irreparable damage to the tooth. Feel free to ask your dentist if a filling would suffice. If a filling is not recommended, they will explain why that will not work for your situation.

Teeth grinding and clenching cause extensive wear on the teeth and if you do have any of the above habits your teeth will become shorter over time. Teeth can also wear away due to acid erosion. Enamel, the protective layer of the tooth is worn down first leaving behind small soft teeth which can result in a collapsed bite as well as tooth sensitivity. This is a serious problem as it could lead to permanent loss of teeth and jaw problems due to collapse bite. In such scenarios, increasing the bite with crowns is the only treatment option.

Crowns not only help with function, but they are also a great treatment option if you are looking to enhance your teeth or correct flaws in color, shape, or space, or simply looking for a beautiful natural looking smile. Crowns along with dental implants also help replace any missing teeth and will allow us to restore your mouth back to full function.

At SA Family Dentist, we strive to answer all your questions and concerns, we want you to feel confident with your course of treatment and we will take the time to explain everything so that you have a clear picture of what is going on with your mouth. If you have been recommended crowns as a treatment option but have reservations or doubts, we would be glad to provide a second opinion and give you our honest opinion.

If you have any questions about crowns or restorations or would like to schedule an appointment do not hesitate to call us at (210) 654-8109.

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